Monday, July 22, 2013

24 week ultrasound with a special treat for our readers =)

I usually make you read everything before posting the pics, but this week I'll start off with the pics and fill you in on the details afterwards.  (and this isn't even the special treat! just wait...)

best she could do to get all 3 in one frame!
 I have NO idea what body parts those all are!
Baby A was facing Michelle's back most of the time so got this right at the end
Baby B.  A kept trying to sneak into her pics and photobomb her!
Baby C showing off her flexibility (yes, those are her toes by her mouth!)
By the numbers...all measuring ahead, though baby B only by 1 day
So, the appointments today all went well.  All the babies are growing well and the doctor was pleased that there is only a 6% difference between the largest (baby C) and the smallest (baby B). (up to a 20% difference is okay) Michelle's restless legs were bugging her so the ultrasound wasn't the most pleasant experience for her today. =( They checked the babies hearts and got to see a few things they didn't see on the anatomy scan last week, and as always, measured their growth.  I can't remember if I told you this after the 20 week visit or not, but Baby B & Baby C both had small choroid plexus cysts in their brains.  They told us not to worry because everything else looked good and they would likely resolve (but are sometimes associated with genetic SURE don't worry!!).  But it looks like the doc was right because it looks like all the cysts were gone today, which was great.  As you can see if you check out the measurements picture, Baby C and Baby A both weigh in at about 1lb 7oz and Baby B weighs about 1lb 6 oz.  Kinda crazy to see that big belly with only 4.5lbs of baby in there!  One of the things I like about the ultrasounds is getting to see them moving.  It's a little tricky to tell because it's hard to know if the ultrasound tech is moving the wand or if it's the baby moving, but sometimes you can tell.  To try to capture that I took a few short videos of the screen so here's your special 24 week treat friends... 
here's a video of Baby A's heart beating...when she adds the color it shows the blood flow
trying to find Baby B and zoom in on can see Baby A a little bit on the right
and my favorite video of the day...Baby C showing off getting her feet up by her mouth and then right at the end you can see her yawn (soooo cute!)  =)
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I figured some of our readers, maybe even the majority, have never had an ultrasound, or at least haven't for many years so I thought the videos would give you a better sense of what we see for the hour plus that it takes to do the measurements and check things for three babies!


  1. Oh, seeing the video clips brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for adding those. So happy to hear that they are doing well! And, no, I don't think we had heard about those cysts but glad they are no longer evident. I know full well that it is hard not to worry about things when the OB says not to. It is natural to worry anyway. I LOVED seeing them move!

  2. Love those heart beat moments so much!!! So excited for you gusy!!!

  3. So amazing to see them move! Pregnancy is crazy incredible. YAY! Amanda

  4. You are having triplets, congratulations! I enjoyed watching your videos, the babies are awesome! I'm glad they are all doing very well. I'm just curious, are they heavy to carry? And are they "playful" inside? Best regards from an ultrasound tech.


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