Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adjusting to new proportions...

Obviously Michelle is having to adjust to new proportions as her belly seems to grow daily now, but really we're both having to adjust!  I've really noticed that in the past week or so we bump into eachother more just doing our normal day to day things like passing eachother at the bathroom sink, or in our walk-in closet, and especially in the kitchen!  It's like I know she is there, but am not used to her taking up so much space!  She forgets too and has hit herself in the belly with the car door, cabinets, etc (which, by the way, hurts quite a bit based on her yelps)!

In the past week or so random people have started asking about the baby,'well, they THINK they're asking about one baby! =)  One woman casually said "August baby?" to Michelle the other day...and she was, like, "well, actually it's October-ish."  The cashier at Trader Joes the other day couldn't get over it when we told her it was triplets and sent us home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers "because you won't even be able to get flowers in water once those babies come!"

On Friday we had a regular OB visit in State College and I asked the OB to measure Michelle's fundal height because people have been asking me how big Michelle is now and I feel like comparing her belly to a singleton pregnancy would give people a decent idea.  So she did the measurement and at 23 weeks 2 days Michelle measured the same as a singleton pregnancy at 36 weeks!  So yeah, the woman who asked if it was an August baby was pretty spot on with her estimate!  But hopefully these babies will NOT be coming in August!!  I keep talking to the belly and telling the babies that I can't wait to meet them BUT that actually I can wait and that they shouldn't get any big ideas about coming out before October. =) 

You'll all get to see the next belly pic when we hit 24 weeks this Wednesday!  And tomorrow we head back to Danville for another full day of appointments including another growth ultrasound so there will be new pics!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE ultrasound days?!?  I don't love the drive to Danville, but I do feel like we're getting good care there and I love getting to see the babies and make sure everything is okay.  Tomorrow we also meet for a couple hours with a nurse who directs the childbirth education program there because she is essentially giving us a private class since we don't fit the mold so to speak and a regular class wouldn't really meet our needs.

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  1. I think it's time to start doing weekly belly photos, and posting them here of course :) Thinking of you guys! Amanda


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