Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 weeks officially

 Well, today is officially 24 weeks!  If you remember seeing the post about key dates, this is one of them.  As of today the babies' survival rate goes up to 60%.  Obviously we want them to stay in there much longer, but their odds are getting better.  We had a little scare yesterday when Michelle tripped down a couple of steps while walking on campus.  Fortunately, I was only about a mile away when it happened and was able to reschedule my 11:30 kiddo so I could go pick her up right away.  Other than a sprained right ankle and a few scrapes and bruises Michelle is fine.  She was pretty shaken up and scared when it happened, as you can imagine, but it doesn't seem like she hit her belly and had no scary symptoms afterwards.  We called the OB just to let them know but they said not to worry it happens all the time and to call back if she had any bleeding, belly pain, or felt contractions.  Phew!  We both feel very thankful that it wasn't any worse and already today Michelle is walking better on her ankle.
24 weeks
22 weeks
In addition to thinking about and planning for babies we've actually gotten out and about a bit lately.  We went to Mt. Nittany winery to see a few minutes of one of our favorite local bands last Friday night.  And on Sunday we had our friends Maria & Craig over for dinner and Michelle, Maria & their little one, Cristina, all got in the pool to float for a bit.  For the last four days we puppy sat for my friend (and boss)'s golden retriever puppy, Tilly.  It was fun to watch her running around awkwardly but it also triggered a first round of baby-proofing because she was getting into all kinds of things!  Also gave us a glimpse of how ridiculously jealous poor Mr. Humphrey is going to be when these babies arrive.  He whined and whined and was generally pretty pathetic.  We got to see his upside down "poor me" pose all the time!!!


polka-dotted pregnant ladies in the pool (with a cute baby of course!)
more Tilly cuteness just cuz

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mature Mr. Humphrey enjoying the yard
and our lovely little flower garden

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