Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Shower Weekend

The table all "baby-ed" out!
Michelle's sisters, Jess and Tracy, and her mom planned and hosted a very nice baby shower for us this past weekend.  They definitely put a lot of time and energy into making this happen and we really appreciate it!  Jessica created nursery rhyme madlibs for each guest to fill out and Michelle or I read that person's madlib before opening their gift.  I think my favorite might have been the "pretty little zebra" version of Mary had a little lamb. =)  Our good friends Meredith and Maria duked it out in the clothespin game where everyone got three pins to start but lost one to anyone who called her out for saying any variation of the word "baby." Maria was also very good at the "match the celebrity baby name with the parents" game making it to the sudden death match with Mrs. Nelson and Katie.  All three of them got 100% correct!  I was just plain awful at this game, guessing on all but two, I think.  I mean, really, why do people name their children Bear Blu and Tallulah?! ***spoiler alert...we will NOT be choosing our names from this list!

All the ladies before the shower

It was great to have some of my family be able to make it to the shower too.  My mom flew in from Hawaii and Kate, Claude, and Abigail drove down from Minneapolis.  It was great to spend time with family and friends and we got lots of lovely gifts, including some fun homemade gifts (2 quilts, hat & bootie sets, and bibs).  And Tracy made three very cute diaper cakes for us. (see photo below...the elephant lost his bottom row in transit!)
The adorable diaper cakes from Tracy!
The our somewhat clashing outfits...oops!

Jessica explaining the madlibs game
Abigail giving a treat to Beckett
opening gifts...with some sleepy (or maybe just bored) looking puppies

We drove to Chicago on the fourth and our friends Mary & Brianne were hosting a barbeque at their house in Batavia so we dropped Humphrey off at Jessica's and went up there.  It was nice to spend time with everyone and get to hang out with our friends' kiddos too.  I got a few cute pics from the night so thought I'd add those too.
Sam racing mommy across the yard
Annie & Elise smiling for the camera
Michelle & Maria catching up

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  2. it was such a nice shower. Big thanks to Denise, Jess, and Tracy! I am so-o glad that I could attend.


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