Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 month old babies

Wow! Our babies are 8 months old! Two thirds of the way to turning one! They are keeping us busy as always. Sometimes they all play independently very nicely on the floor (for 10-15 min anyway) and other times they either want to be held or entertained and will burst into tears if you out them down.  It gets tricky when they're all being clingy and we are always thankful when at least one baby is content to just play! They are interacting more and more and while they enjoy watching and grabbing each other, they are really sensitive to being grabbed and get pretty annoyed with each other too!

Our big babies
who destroyed the 8mo sign =)
Ellie is our tall baby. She was leading the pack with gross motor when everyone was rolling, but she's in a "I hate tummy time" phase and is starting to lag behind because of it.  We put her down on her tummy all the time and she almost immediately rolls to her back and is happy to play there.  Ellie has gotten pretty good at sitting and can play for a long time in this position, though she will still topple over backwards sometimes so it's good to have a pillow behind her just in case.  Ellie continues to be our rockstar sleeper, consistently sleeping through the night from about 7pm to 7am!  Although this is somewhat true for all of them, Ellie's moods seem to shift dramatically after a nap sometimes.  She might be super duper happy and easy going and then after a nap be super whiny and clingy or it might be the exact opposite!  So when she's happy sometimes we are reluctant to put her down!  Ellie loves to shake her head and play the "no no no" game back and forth, especially with Michelle.  She's still our most cuddly baby and loves to be held.  She is getting really good at soothing herself by sucking her thumb. Ellie loves to eat and can really pack away the food at meals when she's in the mood!
"hello Mr. Frog, mind if I eat your hand?"
cute as can be

Avery is a mover and shaker!  She is all over the place now and we really have to keep an eye on her at all times because she's into everything.  Avery is definitely teaching us what we need to do next in terms of baby proofing. Avery can army crawl across the room in no time and has recently gotten good at getting around obstacles.  She likes to crawl over to Humphrey when he's laying on his bed.  She LOVES him!  Avery is a pro-sitter and can reach just about anything from sitting and come back up.  She doesn't get down out of sitting very well, but if she's determined to get somewhere she will not-so-gracefully tumble down and start crawling.  Otherwise she'll just get mad and start flapping her arms up and down and yelling! (she's still our little hothead!)  Avery likes to take off her socks (she'll use her hands or her mouth to do this) and will also take off her siblings socks for them.  (What a helper!)  She also likes to use her superior motor skills to steal toys from her brother and sister.  She has started babbling, saying "daba daba" a lot and has been pushing up on all fours.  Avery hasn't been as into eating, though she does surprise us sometimes and will eat a ton.  She's also a super fast nurser and is easily distracted so she's off again on again a lot when breastfeeding. It was nearly impossible to get pictures of her because she kept flipping to her tummy instantly!
Quick, snap the pic before she rolls over!
oops...too late!

Isaiah is huge (relatively anyway)!  He's been eating a ton of food at meal times and has really gotten thick through the middle.  There is now a very noticeable difference between him and the girls, especially Avery.  He is pushing up on all fours a lot and often gets himself up on his toes so he's in a plank or down dog position.  He pushes up so tall but the only way he moves is backwards.  Occasionally he'll go forward a few inches, but then gets back in reverse mode.  He can go pretty far backwards, but recently has started getting mad about it because he wants a toy and just keeps getting farther and farther away.  Isaiah started babbling pretty early in the month and will say "da" and "ba" and when he's really sad he says "maaaa,"  He is sitting up by himself, but is probably the least reliable.  He is just as likely to crash head first as to fall backwards (must be that big noggin' of his)!  When he is unhappy his "magic mood changer" is 5-10 minutes in the exersaucer.  He is a lovey little guy especially in the evenings before bed.  He has this cute little lovey cooing that he does that just melts your heart.  Sometimes we'll be doing rough and tumble play with him and he'll just look at you with this loving look and start cooing.
silly boy
hammin it up

  The group shots are tricky as always and are trickier every month. The pics on the bed reflect the three sick babies the most with only Isaiah even attempting a smile.  The two pics at the end illustrate the challenges of group shots!

1/3 smiling isn't bad!

well, nobody is crying anyway...

And then this happens....

so much for that pose!

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