Sunday, June 29, 2014

Picture party!

Both Diane and Denise have nice cameras and we've been having fun taking a zillion baby pics!  Here are some highlights from the past few days!
Ellie exploring the jumperoo
we call the jumperoo & the exersaucer the "attitude adjusters"
don't use them much, but they often help when we have crabby babies!

We had fun in the bathtub until a certain someone decided to poop in the tub!!
Gotcha ducky!
who's a pretty boy?!
"me?! no way!"
"What'd you say Grandma?!"
"you're so silly Grandma!"
And then we had our nightly naked playtime on the floor in our bedroom.  We spend a lot of time moving them back onto the big tablecloth!

we still love to chew on toys!
Busted Ellie!  About to roll off her tummy!
"cool pants Mommy!"

Isaiah with his favorite toy!
Our little escape artist! I'm sure she was just heading to our room
to get her jammies on! =)
And with all these great pics, we got a few that were pretty hilarious too!  Would love to see your ideas for captions for these last three pics so feel free to leave them in the comments!
Any thoughts on what Ellie is thinking here?

How about Isaiah?
And my fav of the silly pics...Avery!


  1. Ellie: ewwwwww, a poo poo present

  2. Isaiah: can you believe what happened in the tub tonight?

  3. Ellie: I may poop in tubs, but my Mommy pees in vases. Teeheehee.
    Isaiah: I'm a giant tortoise, nom nom nom.
    Avery: She my tub?

  4. Ellie: Uhhhhh, it turns out that poop floats. My bad.

    Isaiah: I'm a little sleepy, but also hungry, so maybe if I just open my mouth, the food will just drop in. That's how it happens in that book we read about the baby birds!

    Avery: Ahhhhh, NO I am SO not the popper. I cannot belIEVE you even accused me. But while you're asking, the duck saw something, she knows what happened. Ask her. Go ahead.

  5. Ellie: What the HELL was in that breast milk?

    Isaiah: Just finishing my aria

    Avery: CANNOT be taking another picture of me!


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