Saturday, June 28, 2014

A fun afternoon at the pool

We have lots of visitors in town right now to help out while I'm recovering from surgery.  My mom has been here since last Thursday and my mom's dear friend Diane came on Tuesday and on Wednesday, Michelle's mom Denise also came to spend some time with her grandbabies.  So we have had lots of "hands on deck" and have gotten a lot of projects done including organizing current and bigger sizes of clothes, cleaning out the pantry, and clearing out some baby things that we are done with.  We also took advantage of the extra hands to go to the pool Thursday afternoon.  Diane brought her nice camera and got some great shots! (Thanks Diane!!!)
Isaiah enjoying the little fountain
"Ooh, Grandma, this one is cool!"

Ellie likes it too!

funny how Avery looks chunky in this pic!
A cool shot of the whole pool
Grandma Stephen & Isaiah in the big pool
Grandma Rae & Avery
snuggling to warm Avery up
big boy!
being silly with Mama
post swimming picnic
We LOVE our dried mango!
soooo good!
MmmmMmmm good
"don't even think about taking this from me!"
getting ready to head home
"Can we come back tomorrow Mom?!"

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  1. I loooove dried mango, too! Who doesn't?! so, so adorable!!


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