Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring of sickness

We had such a wonderfully healthy first winter but we have not been so lucky this spring. For over a week Avery, Isaiah and I have been battling a nasty cold. Ellie and Michelle fought bravely for a while, but fell victim over the weekend. Michelle now has no voice and can only whisper. And I went to the doctor today and have a double ear infection and sinusitis.  Good news is Avery's ears look good and her lungs sound fine.  Before this latest bout, this spring we've already had one run of the mill cold, a weekend of on again off again fevers, and a week of diarrhea (with accompanying nasty diaper rash). Poor Ellie also had a blocked tear duct on top of all that so it's only fair that she's faring the best with this cold.

even when he's playing happily his "sick baby eyes" betray him

we see a lot of this listless baby look

and a lot of this too

We have lots of these super snotty noses and they wake up from every nap with major eye goobers and snot smeared and crusted all over their faces, which of course they hate getting wiped! These poor babies (and their mamas) are pretty miserable.  We are soooo ready to be done with all this sickness! We are very thankful that it hasn't been anything serious but three sick babies off an on for three months is no fun! 
The ONLY good thing about sick babies is more snuggles!

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  1. Sorry to hear you have more than your fair share of sickness. May you all be healthy soon!
    Aloha, Kate


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