Sunday, June 1, 2014

Out and about with triplets

Now that the weather is nicer we've been getting out of the house with all the babies on a much more regular basis.  It also helps that they no longer scream bloody murder every time we strap them into their car seats!  On Memorial Day we took the babies to the Boalsburg Memorial Day celebration to hear one of our favorite local bands play and wander around the craft-fair type booths.  Last year Michelle and I fell in love with this wood toy maker and really had to force ourselves to just walk away, so this year we were really hoping he'd be back so we could get a present for the babies.  We decided on a little car track that is like a marble run but has little wooden cars that race down the ramps and we're saving it for their first birthday.  As usual we got lots of comments about the babies, although honestly a lot of the time I think we "fly under the radar" because we are two moms with three babies which does not necessarily scream triplets unless people are paying attention.  We do get a ton of people noticing the double stroller with two babies the same size who say "Twins?" which inevitably leads to us saying "No, triplets!" and pointing to baby #3 who is usually in a carrier on my back. 

At the fair we actually met another triplet mom and her three 11 year old boys.  She said "see, we're proof that it can be done and you will survive!"  =)  We dressed the babies up in their cute clothes from the 6mo photo shoot so they were looking particularly dapper and we got this cute pic while everyone was out for an eating break.

The babies got to see their first concert on Memorial Day too as we claimed a bit of grass in the shade and watched Pure Cane Sugar play.  Ellie was a little startled by the noise, but settled down after a couple of minutes.  As an added bonus we ran into a few friends who were also there for the show.

And yesterday afternoon we met another family with multiples out at a local park. This family has two sets of twins, which Michelle and I both think is probably harder than having triplets. I'm sure there are times when that's not true, but at the park it's definitely harder to have two adventurous two year olds and two 10 month olds than three 8 month old babies!  The babies enjoyed their first picnic dinner and of course had fun swinging again!
our first picnic dinner

He looks so tiny in this picture!

pure joy!

Ellie LOVES swinging!!!

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