Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hooked on our new hooks

The past couple of weekends I've taken the babies out solo on Saturday mornings, giving Michelle some much needed focused study time.  We go to Trader Joes and the farmers' market and if all is going well we might hit up one more grocery store.  The first time I ever took them all out it was like summiting a mountain. I just had to do it once so I knew that I could.  But the past two weekends I've really enjoyed my little Saturday morning outing with the babies and they seem to enjoy it too (or at least tolerate it since there's been very minimal fussing).  This weekend we ate our way through both places.  The babies and I enjoyed some goat cheese samples and fresh made guacamole at the farmers' market and the babies really liked the muskmelon samples at Trader Joes. They were on the edge of fussiness by the time we got to Trader Joes and the melon samples worked wonders to keep them content while I finished up the shopping.  Each time I take the babies out I get better at it.  

The past two grocery shopping trips I've had the pleasure of testing out these great stroller hooks.  I guess this is my first official "product review" post because we were actually sent these BabyBubz stroller hooks for free to review.  And, honestly, I wasn't sure how useful they would really be.  I mean our diaper bag came with stroller hooks so I wasn't that excited about it, but figured it was worth trying them out.  Wow, was I wrong.  These little hooks are genius!  The ones that came with our diaper bag are stupid and unless the diaper bag is attached they fall off (we've already lost one), whereas these new stroller hooks have a nice strong Velcro attachment so they stay put.  But what I think is the best feature is that they have nice big hooks, meaning they can hold a variety of things, and they rotate!  With these hooks it works great for me to hang a grocery basket off the back of our double snap-n-go stroller.  This saves me from having to pull a big honkin' cart behind me while also trying to push the big double stroller with the other hand. (And if you've ever pushed a front/back double stroller you will know how challenging they are to maneuver with two hands!)  It also makes us just a little bit less of a spectacle, which is great when you're really just trying to get the week's grocery shopping done!  
Love how easily they hold my fully loaded basket at Trader Joes!

Thought this was an appropriate spot for a pic

I've used these hooks to hold the grocery basket while I'm shopping and then hung my reuseable bags on them on the way back to the car too.  They work great for our diaper bag too.  The only problem really is that we only have one pair and we have lots of different strollers and I'm always annoyed when I forget to transfer the hooks to the other stroller.  Looks like it's time for us to buy a second set of these handy little hooks!  I think we'll probably buy a couple more sets actually because these would make a great baby shower gift for new moms regardless of whether they're having multiples!

Soooo much better than the hooks that came with this diaper bag!

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