Sunday, February 2, 2014

Congratulations Seahawks!!!

The babies were rooting for the Seahawks at their very first Super Bowl and are pleased they picked a winner!  Here they are in their green & white diaper covers & "go hawks" socks this afternoon...

Tonight was our first evening adventure with the babies, which meant not being home for our usual 7pm bedtime feeding! We went to our friends' house for a super bowl party tonight, arriving around 5 and leaving after 10pm.  The babies were all dressed in green, blue & white sleepers so everyone would know who they were cheering for!  And their moms were in Seahawks shirts thanks to Auntie Mary!  All in all the babies did very well with really only one little meltdown from being over tired (Isaiah, that's you I'm talking about!).  They handled being passed around and got to see the "big kids" playing wih all sorts of toys.  They also did pretty well nursing there, but you can tell they were more distracted, eating for a minute, then coming off, etc.  Anyway, it wasn't much of a game, but the Seahawks won which, if I can't cheer for my Packers, then at least the "hometown" team won!  Congrats on your first Super Bowl win Seahawks!  Now we'll see how this schedule change impacts all of us!  Here's hoping for decent sleep!

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