Sunday, February 2, 2014

Date night! (well, afternoon)

Yesterday was our second ever time where both Michelle and I left the babies.  The first time, you might recall, was to go to lunch and Happy Feet for a massage as part of our Christmas present from Michelle's mom.  Yesterday's date was part of my birthday present from Michelle.  One of our best friends from Seattle, Marty, is visiting (pics to come later) and she and Hope watched the babies for us.  We went to lunch at a new microbrewery in town and then to see the movie Her.  It was lovely to have that little bit of time away and we did a remarkably good job of having adult conversations that did not revolve around babies!  The food at the microbrewery was some of the best we've had in State College so that was nice.  And we saw the movie Her, which was pretty interesting.  The most impressive thing, I think, is that neither of us fell asleep in the movie!!!

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  1. I hadn't seen this post. until now. How nice that you two could have a date afternoon! Kudos to Hope and Marty.


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