Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lots of photos from the past few weeks

I realized I've taken a ton of cute pics over the past few weeks and haven't shared them with all of you yet!  I actually have more than this, but figured I'd split them into two posts so it wouldn't be quite as long!
this grabbing toys thing takes serious concentration!
but it's pretty fun!
Hi Mama!!
love this one!
happy chatty baby!
another happy chatty baby!
"I love you Mommy!"
Avery's new "left hand in mouth, right hand by her ear" pose
cute boy in stripes
happy girl in neon (Thanks Auntie Tracy!)
Love this sweater and hat on him!  Such a cheeseball!
Our little bear (to keep him warm on an outing)
turns out Ellie was wearing a sweatshirt with ears too!
so of course I had to go to the closet & put Avery in another
little bear outfit!  She was thrilled with that idea!
Our Three Little Bears!  (Avery's still not so sure...)
Our Three Little Bears part deux! 
"Okay, Mommy!  I guess I do look pretty cute!"

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