Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy 4 month birthday babies!

Our babies are one third of a year old!!  It's hard to believe!  The four month photo shoot was much more pleasant than the past couple because we had no criers!  It's funny because I think in some ways the babies are starting to look more alike but they are also developing their own individual personalities and idiosyncracies.

Isaiah tends to be our fussiest baby, but man oh man, when he is happy he's a major charmer.  He wakes up super duper crabby but after he eats is happy as a clam.  He is back to rolling more now and has been happier on his tummy.  He continues to spit up like crazy and is the source of LOTS of extra laundry around here.  It's a bummer because sometimes it seems like his tummy is the reason he's fussy because he'll get fussy and then within five minutes we get a big dose of chunky spit up.  He laughed for the first time last week and apparently he thinks Michelle's singing voice is hilarious because that was what did it.  We have yet to catch his laugh on video but we'll keep trying because, of course, it's super cute.  Isaiah is a fan of his left thumb and can go to town on it, but as you can see in the picture below he's been clasping his hands a lot and bringing both of them to his mouth.

Isaiah hamming it up for the camera
Future rugger
Avery is like a race car who goes 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat.  Lately she has been our most chill baby a lot of the time, but oof when she gets mad look out!  This little girl can go into hysterics like no other and has a hard time being settled when she does.  Avery rolled over from her tummy to her back once or twice when we put her in a good position, but she hasn't done it completely on her own.  She does the best in the bumbo seat and seems to like it more than her siblings.  The swing is like magic for Avery most of the time.  Avery gives some of the best smiles and is probably the easiest to get smiles from.  She likes to chat though we have yet to capture a good conversation on video yet.  But you should know that when you're chatting if she says "Ghee" she is not asking for clarified butter, but rather about to lose her sh*t! =)  Avery is a big fan of her left fist/fingers and does a nice job calming herself with it when she hasn't gone into hysterics.  She's also a drool monkey who can soak your shirt in two seconds flat!

Avery showing off her beautiful smile
She's sooo close to laughing but hasn't yet
Ellie is our most even-keeled little baby.  She doesn't cry out of the blue, you can almost always see it coming.  Ellie has made great strides in her development this month!  She is rolling over belly to back fairly consistently and has made great progress with her head control overall.  Ellie has really found her voice in the past week and she's LOUD! She's become a serious chatterbox, but sometimes you have to see her face to know if she's "happy talking" or "mad talking!"  She's been cracking us up with her loud talking this week.  Apparently the feeling is mutual because Ellie laughed for the first time this weekend! We managed to catch a little laugh on video today so look for that in an upcoming post!  Ellie also likes to suck on her left hand, but she hasn't decided whether her thumb or fingers are the tastiest just yet.

Big gummy smile!
waving to the camera
Our "Triple(t) Threat" moniker is appropriate for our little trio.  They can get ya' with their big smiles and sweet personalities or they can turn on you and come at you from every direction with three screaming, crying babies!  They sure keep us on our toes, but we love them with every ounce of our beings!

The best of a zillion...these group shots tempt me to photo
shop the best pic of each baby...if only I had the time! =)
Their 4 month/Super Bowl shot was one of the other decent group shots

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