Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grandma is one funny lady!

Grandma Stephen came for a visit last week and the kiddos and mommies all agree that five days felt too short. Denise was, as always, a big help.  It was great timing for the arrival of another set of hands because our little ones have been struggling with sleep again lately.  (More on that in another post). But having an extra person when we're feeling particularly sleep deprived is very helpful! Denise made some yummy dinners, kept the laundry moving, and, of course, gave the babies lots and lots of love.

Grandma & Ellie in their coordinating colors
Apparently Grandma is funnier than she knew because she got a ton of good laughs from all the babies. Denise is great at exaggerating her facial expressions and the babies were really responsive to that.  Ellie was particularly enamored with Grandma this trip and just laughed and laughed with (or at!) her! Denise sang them lots of songs, but the crowd favorite was Wheels on the Bus!  They especially liked Grandma's action packed version that gave Denise a good arm workout each time.  Making ten pound babies go "round & round" and "swish swish swish" is tiring! Check out this adorable video of Ellie & Grandma.

On Saturday Denise and I took the trio out on a little shopping trip. Denise is a member of Sam's club and we like to take advantage of that to stock up on a couple of things when she's in town. My favorite purchase was a "handy hauler" for gardening since this summer I won't be able to use the kiddos' wagon as my wheelbarrow like I did last summer!  The babies were very good and all three took little snoozes while we were shopping.  All in all, a successful outing!
Grandma can still hold all three

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  1. Ellie's destined for the stage! Her timing at the end of that song was impeccable.


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