Friday, February 14, 2014

Visitors make February more palatable

February is the worst month. Everyone knows that right? I know it's short, but it usually feels like it lasts forever and winter will never go away!  Fortunately, we have lots of visitors this February to help brighten this dastardly month. Look at all this snow!!
about a foot out there I'd say
We rang in February with a visit from Auntie Marty, one of our best friends from Seattle.  Marty came bearing Seahawks gear so we could represent properly during the Super Bowl party we went to.  It was great to see Marty and so helpful to have her here for two weeks. Marty is a quick study and picked up in routines quickly. Auntie Marty was a true spit up magnet, often having a competition with Isaiah to see who could change more times by noon!  

I-man (as Marty likes to call him) snuggling in

Isaiah got 'er good!
Having Marty here was like having a personal chef! She came with a stack of recipes she wanted to make and they were all delicious!  She made us a Hunter's Stew with chicken thighs and pancetta, a delicious brazilian dish, and a yummy butternut squash, quinoa, and chicken stew. Marty also did a lot of grocery shopping for us and played outside in the snow with Humphrey. Marty was actually excited about the snow unlike us!

bedtime story
Marty & the trio
Marty left on Saturday and my great aunt Nancy arrived on Sunday afternoon and is here for the week. Nancy arrived in grand fashion with her little car getting stuck partway up our driveway after a long drive in the snow!  Hope and I tried to push it up but had no luck. Nancy said "I came to help and here I've just brought trouble!"  Eventually, after our driveway was plowed and a good deal of persistence Nancy finally managed to drive her car all the way up!  Nancy has jumped right in to help, changing cloth diapers and making sure the laundry is always moving, cleaning the kitchen and walking babies in endless laps around the living room.  She is a loyal blog reader so Nancy knows and remember so much about them, you'd swear she's visited before! 
Nancy read them lots of books
And did lots of laps
And got lots of good smiles
Nancy leaves tomorrow and then Michelle's mom arrives Tuesday evening. Denise is flying this trip and we're all excited because United recently started direct flights between State College and Chicago! Before this change, flying to Chicago meant a stop in Detroit, Philly, or D.C. (the only places any airlines flew from State College). I don't know how often we'll be able to fly there, but it's nice to know that it is an option now.  It's only been a month and a half or so since Denise has seen her grandbabies, but I'm sure she'll be surprised how much more they are doing!  We are so thankful for our February visitors!  They are letting us take our time finding the right person to be our mother's helper and it really is easier with an extra person around here!  Anyone want to sign up to come visit in March?!?

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