Thursday, February 6, 2014

Double Trouble

We had our 4 month well baby visit Tuesday and both of the girls have doubled their birthweight! Isaiah isn't quite there yet but he's still trucking up his growth curve so no worries.  Here are their stats from Tuesday at 4 months and 2 days:

10lbs 8oz
24 inches long
41.5cm head circumference

10lbs 2oz
23 inches long
39cm head

10lbs 4oz
23.5 inches long
39.5cm head

Dr. Brink is very pleased with their growth and development so far. She said asked if we had concerns and we mentioned how Avery has had bouts of extreme fussiness without an obvious cause and Dr. Brink said it might be reflux so recommended that we start her on the Zantac too.  So hopefully that will help our poor hysterical baby feel better.  Still no luck on the Synagis, but Dr. Brink seemed hopeful we'd get it by the end if the week or so and then we could come in for a nurse visit.

The shots they did get (DTaP, HIB, & Pneumococcal I think) were pretty brutal as usual.  Ellie had the hardest time this round.  It was great to have Marty along for the visit so it was one on one.  The past couple of days have been rough too.  They've all be running low grade fevers, especially the girls, and have all been fussier than usual.  It's been tough to put anyone down to play on the floor without them getting crabby.  And last night was an awful night of sleep, with Avery having a meltdown from about 11:30-1 and Isaiah from 4:30-6.  Ugh.  Here's hoping they sleep better tonight and take decent naps today!

Auntie Jess took their one month pics and put them next to their four month pics so we could really see their growth over the past few months.  Kind of crazy to see the how much smaller the frog looks in comparison now!


  1. They all look wonderful. Amd that frog keeps shrinking!! Here's to restful nights!

  2. I'm so happy they're growing so well! I hope they sleep better through the night for you soon.


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