Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ellie finds her voice!

My oh my! Little Miss Ellie has found her voice in a big way in the past week or so! This little girl has been cracking us up left and right! She has turned into quite the chatterbox and she is LOUD! Ellie and I had a ten minute "conversation" yesterday talking and laughing back and forth, she's a very good turn taker and she just loves to see your reactions to her talking. Here's a snippet of our chat. I love how she puts her whole body into it and makes some goofy faces along the way!

She also likes talking to her reflection in the play gym mirror!  This little video of her in the play gym gives a better sense of how loud she is!

We LOVE her big girl voice and look forward to many more laughs from Ellie and the other two when they get there!  I can't wait til they're all chatting with each other!

"Well, hello there!"


  1. I absolutely love the picture of her in the mirror....super cute.

  2. a-DOR-A-BLE!

    Love you Miss Elle bell :)

  3. So darn cute!! I love that stage!

  4. Oh my goodness.... SOOOOO cute!

  5. amazing!! I love her! she is gonna be the goofball of the bunch :)


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