Sunday, September 7, 2014

A birthday just around the corner!

Four weeks to go until their birthday and Michelle & I are starting to think about what their birthday will look like. It seems like some people are taking this first birthday party to the extreme these days and we are definitely not going there! We're planning on something small so it's not overwhelming to us or the babies! Besides, who has time to plan a fancy party when they have triplets?! Grandma Stephen & Auntie Jess will be in town so that will be fun. And no matter what the babies' party looks like we will also be having an evening "after party" to celebrate Michelle and I making it through the first year with triplets!  

Meanwhile the babies have already been enjoying a couple of their birthday gifts! Grandma Rae & Grandpa Mark got the babies the triple play wagon for their birthday and we couldn't wait to use it! It has been so much fun and super convenient for some things like going to the farmers' market. At the market I used to have to sit one baby on the table while we ate lunch, which was always tricky. It's much easier now with the wagon where everyone is buckled in! Plus it's plastic so it's easy to clean!  It's also been great for our new nanny to use to take them for walks from the house.

Inaugural ride!
(Avery thinks it is as good as a rollercoaster!)
loving our three seater!
we love the wagon for outings like crickfest...
and the farmers' market
The second birthday present just got introduced this weekend! It was 88 & humid as all get out and of course it's after Labor Day so the pool is closed. :( So I decided we needed to bust out their water/sand table and have some naked play time Friday afternoon!  We were going to use the pool and water table out on the grass, but there was a little thunder in the distance so I thought the water table on the screen porch was a better bet. Plus the gnats are out of control here right now, so I think it was a good choice! They had a lot of fun and when they list interest in the table they just had fun slipping around on the wet floor.

playing with our birthday present in our birthday suits =)
soaking the floor!
this is fun mom!

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  1. Well, you know the first birthday is a VERY big deal in Hawaii. Biggest birthday celebration of all I think. Enjoy the day, however you want to celebrate it.


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