Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reminiscing about Hawaii

Things were so busy when we were in Hawaii and then even busier when we got home so I didn't get to post a ton of cute pics from the trip! So the other night I was flipping through pics before bed and found way too many super cute pics! So when I'm having a bad day I need to remember to just come back to this post because it is full of so much joy and laughter and love.
Grandpa & Avery watching the waves together
"Hey Avery, have you tried eating the sand yet?!"

"mmm...well, that bite wasn't so great...maybe
I should try another?!"

"much better!"

"ooh, best bite yet!"

I had this vision of getting a cute front shot and then a cute butt shot of all three babies...
Here's the closest I got!

and then Avery was on the move!

Ellie was the only one cooperating for the butt shot
(because she loves the sand so much!)
love this little crawling maniac!

Mama & Isaiah swimming in the ocean!

Avery taking a quick crawling break
in a precarious spot!

oops!  the wave gotcha!

but she handled it like a champ

sandy baby!

"Mom!  Did you see that?!"
fun times at the beach with Grandpa

Lots of fun little moments at Grandma & Grandpa's house
precious moment with Mama

"watch out world!  I'm on the move!" 

happy happy girl in her Hawaii shirt


Man alive is this boy cute or what?!

blue eyed beauty


watching the bubbles

so cute!
goofin' around with Ellie!
a rare moment of relaxation!
a silly goose
three babies in the shower!
love this pic of a fun moment
three generations of Therriens
couldn't get a decent pic of all three so we had to do a collage!
and random adventures...
Mother daughter selfie!

Mama son selfie!

kahili ginger!  I made Michelle pull over to take a
picture of this because it is my fav!

hang loose everyone!
another mother daughter selfie

and of course we had a great afternoon date!  We need more of these!!!

anniversary date selfie!

ceiling of palms


so many beautiful and unique orchids!
a lovely antherium
a cool little spot to sit & take in the view
little green gecko on a heliconia

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