Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend cuteness

I don't have anything really interesting to write about, but I do have some adorable photos to share from the weekend!  Happy Monday everyone!  As you can see from the first few pictures I was having a hard time getting all three to think the same thing was amusing! =) Oh well...

It doesn't always happen like this, but on some days we seem to get a "theme" in our head for what we dress the babies in.  In the pics above, apparently it was turqoise & bright colors.  In the next series from Saturday, we were on a red, white & blue kick...
"who's a handsome guy? me?!"
such a happy baby lately!
kisses for Avery!
And Sunday morning Michelle decided to dress everyone in baby leggings =)

"really Mom?!"
Avery was just getting down off the chair and landed here!
(Humphrey is such a good boy!)

Yesterday afternoon all the babies took a horribly short nap and were super cranky so we packed everyone up and went to the park!  That turned out to be a great decision because they were all MUCH happier there and we didn't have to endure an afternoon full of whining!  I was holding them all up when I was on my back and loved the way the light was streaming through the trees.  I didn't quite capture the perfect shot, but I still like these next few shots!

you make me happy too Ellie!
that's some serious laughter
just chillin' & chewin' on a stick

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