Monday, September 1, 2014

Central PA Fun

Today we went out to Penn's Valley to meet up with some friends at Crickfest, a little central PA festival. Our friend Katie, who we worked with in Seattle and who grew up here, joined us too! 

The babies got to see some baby animals at Crickfest. The guy in charge of the animals brought a baby duck over to show the triplets. Then he put the duck down in the wagon, which freaked out both the duck and the babies!!  

After that we had to take a little break from the animal area to go watch our rubber ducky race down the creek! We bet on rubber duckies for the first race down the creek and Katie's duck won! She generously donated her prize to the babies! ;)  The babies also got a chance to sit on a pony for a photo op!

Avery LOVED it!  The other two still aren't sure...

They came around to it though...

chillin' with their buddy Clodagh

Ellie checking out the animals later in the day
We took this picture with friends last summer at Crickfest on September 1st and did a re-creation a year later!


Last week Hope and I took the babies to a cool park in Bellefonte to play, have a picnic, and watch the ducks.  Someone was feeding them and have us some of their bread so the babies got to see lots of ducks!
feeding the ducks

LOVING the swing!

cutie on the slide

Avery being a silly goose

Isaiah practicing his mean face! =)

Enjoying a green smoothie

watching the ducks with Hope

Mommy & son selfie

Me and my babies

watching the ducks swim

 A few weeks ago, shortly after returning from Hawaii we took the babies to the PSU arboretum for a little walk and picnic. 

Mama & Avery and some pretty water lilies

picnic lunch

clearly we didn't pack enough food ;)

And although it hasn't been a very hot summer, we have managed to make it to the pool a few times this month too. One time we saw our friends with one year old twins and snapped a pic of all the babies! And on another trip we ran into new friends with year and a half old twins. It's funny how many times we've seen other sets of multiples at the pool!

enjoying the splash park area

cutie pie after swimming

the triplets & their twin buddies

the cutest little animals & their mommy

Woohoo!  Finally a hot day!

Isaiah testing out another silly face

Oh and we took the babies to the library for the first time too! The babies enjoyed playing with the toys and we checked out some books to spice up our bedtime story time!
the library has fun toys mom!

and books!  lots of them!

Ellie checking out the train table

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