Thursday, September 4, 2014

Only a month to go!!!

Woweewow!  In one month our little peanuts will be ONE!!!  How is that even possible?!

This is such a fun age because they are learning so much so fast.  And they are busy little babies, each with a mind of their own!  I'm trying to think about group things that are new this month and I'm struggling.  For one they are moving more and faster!  And they all love to be upright and are pretty obsessed with standing.  Everyone is pulling to stand and cruising all over, from one piece of furniture to another.  When we carry them from place to place we almost always put them down in standing because they are much less likely to cry then.  They are also babbling a lot more and with a lot more inflection and variation, which has been super fun and adorable. We've been taking a lot of videos of them lately and really need to upload a bunch of them to YouTube and post the links because they are just so cute and funny!

August was a month of HUGE growth for Ellie!  I just re-read the little blurb about her at ten months and was astounded by how different she is now.  She seems to have turned the corner on her whiny phase and has just been so happy and engaging lately.  She's "talking" a lot and makes a lot of cute noises to get our attention.  She really likes to smack her lips together making a little popping sound and loves it when we imitate her.  She will do a lot of back and forth imitation now of her favorite sounds/noises like the lip smacking, bababa, and dadada.  She will just jabber on and on in the car and alternate putting her wrist in her mouth while she makes noises so it sounds like "babababa."  Ellie started crawling a little over two weeks ago and it was like watching a little baby deer learn to walk at first, but she's gotten pretty good and a lot faster.  When she first started crawling she whined the entire time she was moving, now she does a panting type thing when she is trying to go fast, which is hilarious. It's so cute!  She seems to be really enoying this newfound mobility and has really taken to exploring.  We were at the pool last week having a picnic dinner and after she was done eating she just started crawling over to another family with kiddos to check out what they were having. =)  She started crawling away and we said "Bye Ellie!" and she pushed herself back into sitting, turned to look at us, and waved, and then continued on her way.  Oh yeah, that's new too...she's waving and is loving it!

Isaiah has also made a lot of progress in the motor arena even though he still isn't crawling on all fours for more than a foot or two.  He has gotten pretty darn fast with his belly flop crawl, which looks oddly reminiscent of "the worm" breakdancing move.  Like the girls, he is pulling to stand at pretty much every piece of furniture and pretty quickly figured out how to get back down, unlike Ellie who stood and whined for help for the longest time.  He is really enjoying the play table we have and will stand there for a long time.  He has even started dancing, bouncing up and down when it plays music.  One of his favorite games to play is "catch" with a ball and he will stick with it for a long time and does a pretty good job of rolling it back to us! Isaiah is "talking" more too and has busted out quite a few "mama's" and even a "mom" sound, though there's no clear link to either of us yet.  Over the past couple of weeks Isaiah has been going through quite the mama's boy phase and has been pretty clingy.  He seems to really be in a "mama's" boy, seeming to prefer Michelle over me.  (since he's been pretty whiny, that's okay with me!  though it is giving me a glimpse of how hard it will be when one of the kiddos is in a phase of preferring one of us over the other!)  Isaiah is still the biggest flirt, giving his flirty smiles to Michelle's doc student compadres whenever we see them.  And now he has two little bottom teeth to add to that smile!

Avery is a super speedy crawler now and can escape from view in a split second.  Lately one of her targets when we turn to look at another baby has been the small bowl of cat food in the entry way!  And yes, she has gotten a piece or two in her mouth and keeps going back. =) It was the dog water bowl for the longest time, but she seems to have moved on to the more tempting kitty food.  Speaking of dogs and cats, Avery has been trying to make dog and cat sounds for the past week or two.  If you say "what's the cat say?" and then model "meow" she will try to repeat it and it usually comes out sounding like a little "ew" sound that she will do a couple of times.  It's really cute.  Once or twice she has made that same sound when she saw Bailey.  And no matter how many times we model "woof woof," Avery seems convinced that dogs do not bark, but rather roar because she always says "rawr" after we say "woof" and sometimes when she sees Humphrey.  It is pretty cute and she's pretty consistent with it.  Avery's language skills have really taken off this month and her "no" headshake has gotten pretty consistent and in the past week or so she has started nodding her head yes and saying "dah" with the head nod sometimes. (Clearly she is a genius baby who is learning Russian at the same time as she is learning English!)  And her yes is pretty consistent too and really cute.  We need to catch it on video because she often has a very serious look on her face like making that movement takes a lot of concentration.  Avery is a big fan of freedom of movement and hates to be confined, whether that's in "the fun zone" AKA baby jail or in her car seat.  At the beginning of the month Avery had this social attention seeking machine-gun style "eh eh eh eh eh" type of laugh, but that has faded in the past week or so.  We'll see if that comes back.  Oh, and Avery has really started working on her standing balance, often letting go and standing by herself for up to about 30 seconds. Avery also got her first two teeth this month though they are just barely in.

It's still hard for us to believe that their birthday is coming up so soon!  We better get planning!!

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