Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our First Fall Festival

We took the babies out to a little central PA farm today for their little fall festival. They're still to little to appreciate most of it, (hayride, corn maze, etc) but they still had a good time. Here are some pics!
They liked seeing the animals, but got a little mad that we couldn't get closer!
Hangin out in the middle of the pumpkins was the best part by far!
Exploring pumpkins is a multisensory experience!
(For the record, she did not break the stem off of a pumpkin! She just found it.)
"Horses really eat this stuff Mom?! Do you want to try it?!"
Avery really liked the pumpkin muffins I made this week,
so I think she was probably disappointed with her taste test today!
Ellie making me proud!
Why of course you can just climb over that pumpkin to get closer to the bumpy one!

Pumpkin drum

"another picture?! really Mom?!"
Love this shot!
Cruising the pumpkins
Ellie with her little one tooth grin
how we roll
So many people ask how we get them all to look at the camera.
The answer is two fold...1) we do ridiculous things! &
2) we take ALOT of pictures! And still sometimes NO ONE looks at the camera!!

And sometimes we get really lucky,
 and get all three babies looking the same direction AND smiling!!

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