Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dance dance

Is there anything cuter than babies dancing?! I mean really, it is just so cute and hilarious! All three babies are dancing now...well, they're bouncing up and down to music...and yes, sometimes it's to the music in their head. (Hey, don't judge, we all get songs stuck in our head, right?!)

Anyway, here are some cute videos of each of them dancing in their own way.
The first one is Avery dancing on the table to celebrate her big accomplishment of climbing up on the table for the first time! (More on that in another post soon!)

And here's Isaiah's super joyful food dance! This particular dance is celebrating a delicious bite of burrito, but really, he does his "happy food dance" probably once a day for all different foods. The boy likes to eat!

And we'll cap off the videos with Miss Ellie who has the most amazing baby dance move--the shoulder shimmy. Often the shoulder shimmy is combined with a dizzying head shake, but not in this video that I took while she was finishing off a bottle. Ellie is our best "dance on command" baby because if you say "Ellie  dance dance" she'll usually appease and bust out a move or two, music or no. In the last couple days if she's standing she's added a good little booty bounce to her repertoire. We will keep trying to get more videos of her dance moves so you can appreciate the full range of her style.  Here's Ellie drinking & dancing:

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