Saturday, September 27, 2014

Look! Airplane!

Both of the girls have started to "point" at things, which is a fun new communicative gesture.  Right now it's more of a whole hand point though in the past few days  they are starting to isolate their index finger.  Anyway, the other day we did a dinner time trip to a fun park by the little State College airport and for the first time we got to point out airplanes that they could actually see.  We've tried a few times in the past when we could tell that they were hearing them, but the planes have been farther away and harder to see. (I think Isaiah saw them too, but he hasn't started pointing yet.)  A few times since then the girls have gestured up to the sky when we're outside so we've been talking about airplanes quite a bit lately. This new pointing thing is great to help us remember to label things we see around us to help build their vocabulary.  We have noticed that a lot of the vocabulary that we are confident they know consists of verbs (jump, sit, bang, etc) so this should help us work on the nouns. Michelle and I have been chatting a bit about our little man who continues to lag behind the girls in most things and decided to do an early intervention consult with both speech and occupational therapists that I work with to get their opinions on him and to see if there are other things we could be doing to help him catch up.  We had our first visit with the speech therapist this past week and she agreed that there are a few things we can work on with him.  So this week we are really working on having him imitate us back and forth.

Here are some cute pics from our trip to the airport park! This park is great because there is climbing equipment meant for little ones like this bridge and no mulch for them to eat. =)
Two babies on the bridge, one baby under the bridge!

sliding down

climbing up!

two babies crawling over the bridge
As I'm finishing those captions it almost feels like a Go Dog Go style book. =)  If I'd taken a picture of them all outside this odd climber thingy below then I could've continued with "three babies in, three babies out" but alas!
Avery is not amused!

"Okay, fine, I guess you're a teensy weensy bit funny"

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